Competition Play

Match Committee

Club competitions will be under the control of the Match Committee and its decision will be final.


Unless otherwise stipulated the competition named is for both East and West Courses.


Players who tie in major events and monthly medals may be required to playoff under conditions decided by the Match Committee, otherwise the winner will usually be decided by countback.

Booking Timesheets

An Internet Booking sheet applies 7 days a week until 1:11pm.

Saturday Play 

Players may not reserve a time on the booking sheet unless playing in the competition.


Individual competitions conducted by the professional (for men and ladies) will be applicable to both courses.

When held, Mixed Competition will be restricted to one nominated course.


Lady members have exclusive rights on Tuesday until 12.30 p.m. after which open tee will apply. One course is closed Tuesday afternoon on an alternating basis. Any advancement on the tee is at the discretion of the Lady Captain and/or Starter.  If such advancement is approved, the first group of members must remain a minimum distance of one clear hole behind the last group of lady members playing in the ladies competition.


Male members have exclusive rights on Wednesday until 1.11 p.m. after which open tee will apply..

* Non-Competition players may not reserve a time on the booking sheet before 12.30 pm

Score Cards

(a) Each player, at the end of a competition round, must scan their own card through the autoscore scanner. Do not rely on other players as it is not their responsibility.
(b) Lady members in the Tuesday competition must return their cards within 30 minutes of completion of the round. 

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