Tee Par Distance Index
Mens 4 400 m 3, 27
Ladies 4 337 m 3,31,45

A challenging par four where a drive hugging the left side will be rewarded with the best line into a green guarded by a deep bunker on the right. Missing to the left is the best option, as the bunker right and vegetation over the back of the green will make par a challenge.

Playing Tips

Tee Shot: A solid tee shot with a right to left shape started at the cluster of trees on the mound co sharing with the 9th hole. This will make for a shorter shot into the green on such a long par 4. From the fairway: The shot into the green is best aimed at the left edge of the green. Do not go right a deep bunker and a large swale are awaiting you. Around the green: Be aware that uphill putts on this green in particular is much better than down hill putts.