Tee Par Distance Index
Mens 5 488 m 14, 26
Ladies 5 411 m 14,26,44

The decision on how much of the waste area to take on from the tee will depend on the wind conditions of the day, with drives close to the edge of the waste rewarded with a better line for the second shot, which will need to avoid a chain of bunkers guarding the right side of the approach and a further waste on the right. Third shots into a small elevated green will be difficult if you have made the incorrect decision with your second.

Playing Tips

Tee Shot: What to do on this tee shot is very dependant on wind and tee placement. Make sure you do not get too greedy. Remember this is just 1 shot you will hit on a fairly difficult par 5. Few golfers will ever make the mound on the right side so this may be a good line to take. From The Fairway: From the last tree on the right hand mound still gives you a shot of over 200m to the green. The last 170m down the right of this hole is all wasteland and getting a good lie will be a lottery. The last tree on the right mound is only 140m to the bunkering you can see in front of the green. The start of this bunkering is still over 50m to the centre of the green. Around and on the Green: This is one green that has trouble both right and left. Right has a nest of deep bunkers and left has a steep drop off. The green will test your green reading skills with some very subtle breaks. Which can only be learnt more often.