Tee Par Distance Index
Mens 4 370 m 7,29
Ladies 4 312 m 7,29

A tee shot to the top of the hill on a right to left sloping fairway will see you looking down into a green that emerges out of the slope on the right side. Shots to the right will feed onto the green, but avoid the bunkers guarding the left side or falling off the back of the green.

Playing Tips

Tee Shot: Don’t be fooled by aiming down the right and trying to shape the ball or hope the wind will drag it back to the fairway. It might not happen. Even the longer hitter is better to play their shot between the end of the left tree line and the edge of the clubhouse. From the fairway: Once you are level with the big gum on the right you have a clear view of all trouble around the green. You will see the direction the green slopes and areas you do not want to hit it. The back of the bunker you see left of the green is level with the last quarter of the green so check your distance and make sure you have enough club. Around the green: From the fairway looking down onto this green should have given you an idea of which way any putts or chips will break. So just keep that in mind.