Tee Par Distance Index
Mens 5 470 m 15, 31
Ladies 5 415 m 13, 25

The left side of a generous fairway offers the best view and angle of approach into the green. Cross-bunkers on the right guard the direct line to the green for the second shot.

Playing Tips

Tee shot: This tee shot is uphill with an out of bounds right, however the landing area is relatively generous be aware that the tee is in a sheltered location as the wind might surprise you. The left side off the tee offers the best line if going in two as it avoids the large pine tree on the right side. From the Fairway: After a good tee shot you will be greeted with many options. The golfer that wishes to go for the green in two will require precision and any loose shots will be penalised. The golfer that wishes to play safe will take a longer club and hit their shot down left of the fairway bunkers. However this will see a more difficult shot into the green. If the pin is on the back half on the green you will have a shot over a large bunker and into a green that slopes from left to right. Laying up short of the fairway bunkers down the right will give you a clearer view up the green. However this shot may see you playing a longer club into the prevailing breeze. Around and on the Green:The green is protected by a large bunker on the left side of the green. A difficult bunker shot with the green well above head height. The right hand side of the green will give you a difficult chip shot up a steep embankment. This hole plays into the prevailing wind and with an uphill tee shot, this Par 5 will usually play allot longer than it’s card measurement.