Tee Par Distance Index
Mens 3 118 m 17,35
Ladies 3 108 m 17,35

Brand new Par 3 with the green designed to fit perfectly in the natural surroundings. The green changed to a more “hour glass” shape to help separate the front pins from the lower back pins. The front left of the green has opened up more allowing an easier shot from the forward tees.

Playing Tips

Tee shot: A short par 3 from an elevated tee, hitting to an “hour glass” shape green. This tee shot is sheltered so be aware of any wind that may affect your ball flight. A shot hit at the back left bunker with the correct distance should see you in a good position for a front or centre pin position. If the prevailing wind is up, start the ball at the centre of the green to get to the back right pin. Do not expect any favours if you miss this green right. Around and on the Green: Left edge of the green will give you the clearest view to any pin position. The back left bunker to a front left pin will be all downhill so you may have difficulty stopping the ball. To the back right pin may see you with a longer more undulated bunker shot. Miss the green long right gives you an easy uphill shot to the back right pin but to a front left pin say your prayers.