Tee Par Distance Index
Mens 4 368 m 1,19
Ladies 4 323 m 5,23,41

The inside left of the fairway was cleared of over grown vegetation and a target bunker placed short left. Carrying directly over this target bunker now places you in the centre of the fairway. There is a punch bowl feature added to the green to help set apart the right pin from all others. This pin location will appear more difficult than it plays

Playing Tips

Tee shot: The longer hitter has a target bunker on the left side of the fairway to hit over. Those that cannot carry the ball over this target bunker have a large landing area right of this bunker. It’s a bad shot off the tee to be playing a shot from this target bunker. From the Fairway: This shot will be one of the longer shots you will play into a par 4, made longer if playing into the prevailing wind. At least 2/3 of the green is visible from the fairway with no trouble in front of this area. If the pin is in the punch bowl right, the base is blind but you can see the flag and ensure you are long enough to carry the bunker. Around and on the Green: A shot from the left of the green will give you a clear view of any pin placement. A beautiful green with rolling mounds and bowls will see some great chipping and putting challenges.