Tee Par Distance Index
Mens 4 349 m 6,28
Ladies 4 318 m 2,20,38

Playing over the fairway bunker to the left side of the fairway offers the premium line into a green highlighted by a swale on the front left ready to sweep off line shots down and away from the green from where recovery will require a deft touch.

Playing Tips

The longer hitter can certainly take on the bunker visible from the tee on the left, leaving a relatively easy pitch up the green that is only visible from the left hand side of the fairway. If you cannot carry the ball 240m then a well struck tee shot should be aimed at the 3rd tee or the tall lone gum tree. The more you hit it down the left of this fairway the better. This will give you a much better angle into this green. The green is very well protected by a large bunker right of the green. Any tee shot down the right will have you hitting over these bunkers. This will also change the angle and depth of the green for the golfer making for a difficult shot into a short par 4. Be aware of the subtle breaks and elevation’s on this green. Putting can be tricky if you’re not below the hole.