Members are reminded that The Grange Golf Club has an established policy in regard to the care and maintenance of bunkers.  The green keeping staff generally rake and repair bunkers at least twice per week.  As members know there can be a significant difference in the condition of the bunkers immediately after and a few days after this maintenance has occurred.  This does not need to be the case if we all follow the following steps:

  • Always enter and exit bunkers from the lowest point
  • When entering a bunker, a player should take the rake with them.  This saves excessive movement and footprints in the bunker
  • When exiting a bunker, carefully rake and smooth over all damaged areas and footprints and leave the rake in the base of the bunker parallel with the direction of play

Members will find a one page document on the Club website under the ‘Golf’ heading and by then following the ‘Course Care’ link.  Club Professional Warren Mercer has also produced a short YouTube video which can be found below