Members would be aware that the work on our northern boundary is well underway with the closure of Brebner Drive and work commencing on the replacement of the boundary fence. This work was originally planned to commence earlier, however delays by the developer for various reasons has seen the works deferred until now.

This development and the closure of Brebner Drive presented a unique opportunity for the club to address this boundary with a medium to longer term vision that will provide a large scale improvement to this section of the East course, bearing in mind we now have a high density housing development adjoining our property.

We have provided you with regular updates on the progress since May and also with further detail in the monthly course reports from time to time that are posted on the website.

The notices explain the works in detail and the reason why the vegetation is being replaced. Whilst we are removing approximately 300 trees along this boundary we are replacing them with 4,500 trees and shrubs to provide a very solid screen and privacy for members playing these holes. We fully realize that the new plantings will take some time to establish but the intention is to undertake plantings equivalent to those on our eastern boundary (Fredrick Road) when similar work was undertaken with the establishment of our wetlands system. We will also be mounding the area to assist with screening.

The entire boundary fence will be replaced in its original location with a tubular steel fence at a height of 2.1 metres.

The space, with its new mounding and significant tree re-growth, will provide a high level of screening from the new development and ensure we maintain privacy.

If any member wishes to further discuss any aspect of the works please contact Barry Linke to arrange a convenient time.

Barry Linke
General Manager

Before and after 6th East – Fredrick Road