The QR Codes to assist with COVID-19 contract tracing are now in place at The Grange and Members are asked to download the mySA GOV app to make the registration process easier.

There is a different QR Code set up at the Pro Shop, Clubhouse and Gym it is a requirement to scan the code at all three locations.  You will then be asked to enter your details but you will only need to do this as a once off to register you in the system if using the mySA GOV app. The club will refuse entry to anyone who does not wish to scan the code. 

Every time someone enters the Clubhouse and Pro Shop they have to scan the QR code. This is only required once per day. Members and visitors will need to hover their smartphone over the Code and your details will be recognised which are then sent to the State Government’s QR database.

If it is the first time that the member/visitor is using the Club code, a screen will appear on your phone asking to input your details.  This will be the first and last time that inputting your details is required at the Club as you will be automatically recognised.

There is a process whereby a member/visitor can prove that they have registered if required.

If you downloaded the App on an iPhone on Monday 1st December 2020 or previously it will require an update as further change have been made.

Click HERE to read the QR Code Registration Instructions  

We thank members in advance for their cooperation.

General Manager