The Club has had the MiScore app available for several months now and it has been great to see people taking the opportunity to use the app.  If you have not downloaded the app we encourage you to do so by following the steps below.

Since the introduction of the app MiClub have also allowed self-score submission.  With Self-score submission enabled, the MiScore app will only submit the score of the individual device user and not the playing partner.  This self-score process is similar to how a player would go to a scoring kiosk and scan their own scorecard or enter their own scores at the end of a round.

One of the most frequently asked questions has been “will we have to pay for it once the trial has ended”? At the end of the trial (September) there will be no cost to the individual with the Club providing the app as a service to all members. 

Many members are also worried what happens if their phone runs out of battery during the round.  If this happens the app will automatically save your scores and the remaining scores will be reconciled by your player partner and then can be entered in the Pro Shop after your round.

A number of members have also noticed that since downloading and using their MiScore App that the battery on their phone has been drained.  We advise members to follow the steps below to eradicate this:

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to locate the MiScore App
  • Select Location
  • Under Allow Location Access select ‘Never’

If you have difficulties downloading or utilising the app, please contact the Pro Shop on 8356 3070 for assistance.

How to Setup and Use the App

  1. Download MiScore on your mobile

MiScore is available from the App Store on Apple phones or the Google Play Store on Android phones, or click the applicable image below. 

2. Open the MiScore App
Tap the icon on your mobile to open the app.

3. Add Grange Golf Club
Tap + and type in “Grange Golf Club”.  Tap to select it.  You can add multiple Clubs by repeating this step.  Any Club added is saved for next round.  Note, we are Grange Golf Club not The Grange Golf Club.

4. Login and start scoring
Login with your Member Number and password that you use to log into the Club’s website when making a booking.  Click on “Scoring”.

5. Register into the comp/non-comp at the Pro Shop
Advise the pro shop staff you will be using the app.  Scoring will then be activated on your MiScore app.

6. Confirm starting hole and playing partner
Confirm your starting hole.  All players in your tee group are listed to select from.  Click “Continue to Scoring”.  You can also find a player by using the ‘find player’ option.

7. Score entry
Enter each players score for the hole.  You can press P for Pick-up or PAR to adjust the score.  Use + or  buttons to further adjust total score.

8. Next hole
Swipe left to go to the next hole.  Swipe right for the previous hole.  You easily amend scores by swiping back.

9. Confirm scores
Once all hole scores are entered correctly, check the final scores to confirm they are correct.  You can tap the players’ name to view the full scorecard.

10. Sign on screen
When final scores are confirmed, use your finger to sign on the space provided. Tap “Clear” or “Undo” to erase the previous signature and start again.
After scoring on the MiScore App, please sign as the marker and include the initials of your playing partner in the ‘player’ box.  Please, for the safety of yourself and any playing partners, DO NOT digitally sign each others scorecards, only the scorecard you are responsible for.

11. Submit scores
Complete the scoring process by submitting your scores.  A blue tick will appear on the screen once you have successfully submitted the scores.

If you have difficulties downloading or utilising the app, please contact the Pro Shop on 8356 3070 for assistance.

This scoring app has recently been approved by the R&A and Golf Australia as a method of scoring.

Click HERE to download the notice