We would like to congratulate Grange’s Jamie Smith on taking home the 2021 Tony Mazzone Medal which was presented at the Pennant Dinner on Sunday 11th July 2021.  The Tony Mazzone Medal is presented to one player of the Club who has represented The Grange in GA Pennant and displays the following qualities:

  • Solid performance throughout the season
  • Sportsmanship of the player
  • Demeanour of the player
  • Team orientated player
  • Presentation of the player

Tony Mazzone was a great supporter of Pennant and the entire Mazzone family have been very generous supporters of The Grange Golf Club for many years, supporting the Grange Junior Foundation as well as many Club projects.

Past winners of the Tony Mazzone Medal include:

  • 2014 – Justin Crowder
  • 2015 – Ella Adams
  • 2016 – Brad Stenner
  • 2017 – Jean Foo
  • 2018 – Matt Wilson
  • 2019 – Riley Marshall
  • 2020 – No GA Pennant
  • 2021 – Jamie Smith

Jamie joined The Grange Golf Club in 2010 at the age of 11 years old.  He is a past Club Champion, multiple state representative and has been part of Grange Junior Committee.  Jamie currently works in the Pro Shop and is happy to play golf with any member and is an all-round genuine guy who has pennant at the Club at heart and was a well deserving winner.

Congratulations Jamie